Monday, December 7, 2009

greetings from london

hey there
so ben and i have one night left in london. its been good, although we have spent most of the time sleeping. and walking. so much walking. but public transport it so expensive, though we have resorted to it anyway to save our legs.

done all the tourist things, london eye, big ben, madame tussauds. buckingham palace is later today, along with seeing a musical (chicago). also saw a premier league game yesterday, fulham v sunderland. fulham won 1-0, good to see, especially after the fiasco it took to get to the game. (i thought it was saturday, was actually sunday)

the hostel is okay. friday night was heralded by a whole bunch of party goers, 3 guys in our dorm that got drunk, came back with some other girl, got alcohol from their bags and left with the girl saying 'we'll go to my room, no one is there, we can gangbang in there'
they have not been sighted since, despite planning to stay til monday.

paris tomorrow. a little bit excited, i do say. the underground train both frightens and excites me. more later...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

im back

just to let you know i havent forgotten you
i have found a use for you

im going away for 10 weeks with my boyfriend, and i hope to become a regular blogger in this time.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

on umbrellas

i should give the tale of my night. well, not should. but im going to.
flashdance - 22.4

work 5:30-8:30 (which was really more like 9 since we had the biggest rush of the night come at 8:29)
bottle-o - 2x passion pop

filled up my water bottle with passion pop, drove to the church in the hope of overtaking a bus, but that didnt work. so i stood at the bus stop, looking like a hooker (i was wearing fishnets, it was moulin rogue themed) i even got offered a lift by a 30yo. finally the bus came and me n my water bottle that was clearly not full of water took a seat.

adventures unfolded, my phone got killed by me forgetting my sim pin. so i was friendless, phoneless, and quite sure that i... wouldnt have been able to drive, we'll say. so i put myself into a taxi and fell asleep as soon as i had updated my facebook.

ur probably wondering what any of this has to do with umbrellas.
one- im always messaged whenever someone hears umbrella by rihanna.
two- my brother erics mickey mouse umbrella amuses me no end. its raining in lockleys today, and i had to make the trek to the church to recover my car (u may have read about it,
i chose to take an umbrella, and i chose the mickey mouse one. for 10 years or so we've had it, and it is superb. also, it has this odd string that goes from the top to the bottom, so when expanded, around the cover. i have no idea why! all it does it allow water to run down the string and wet me.

dont drink n drive. xxox


why does no one share my aversion of them? (except maeve.)

lets mark our skin. yayface!
the only one i would ever consider getting is the family star on my ankle, so i could match my sister and mother.
and actually ill confess i have thought about the old barb wire around the wrist. but im going to go with "no"

they r just so ugly. this guy, an old friend from school, put an album of photos of tats up and wrote "im actually thinking of trying it"

-do u not see that u cant just "try" tattoos?
and the one he wants is all over his chest. look great on his aged pot belly when hes 25, for sure. so its not even like "i just want to look good while im young"
cos he will look old when hes young. and not cool.

so basically i just wanted to say "ew"

a lonely soul once said:

this goes out to all the lonely souls out there. its my blog, i wanted to call it "the bus chronicles, aka the commuter" and write all about my bus journeys. but mobile blogger sucks, in the way it doesnt exist.
so this is what im doing instead.

i hope you enjoy it.